Gennie Collection System

Collection of payment from different resources from multiple customers, and stores securely in one place.Transferring funds from a customer's bank account or payment source into a payment gateway platform.

Benefits of GCS

Gennie collection system provides convenience for customers as it allows them to make payments electronically, eliminating the need for carrying cash or writing checks. It simplifies the payment process, especially for online purchases, where customers can securely pay in with a few clicks.Customers can make payments from anywhere in the world, and businesses can accept payments from customers located internationally, expanding their customer base and potential market reach.

How Its Works?

Pay-in service by a payment gateway involves Fund transfer from customer to merchant. In the merchant platform, customer will be redirected to the payment page after selecting the product/ service required. once the customer initiate a payment in the merchant platform. the payment gateway will collect the customer transaction request details and process the payment. after the payment done, fund will be transferred to the merchant account and both merchant and customer will be intimated with the transaction details. so, the merchant will process the customer request.