Gennie Disbursement System

Gennie Distribution System refers to the distribution of funds or payment made to an individual or a solution that allows you to pay your local services providers, suppliers, and partners in their local currency through payout companies are able to scale their business, especially if they are marketplace delivery companies.

Benefits of GDS

The Gennie Distribution System can receive their funds in a bank account or digital wallets.Counting on our customer support in local language, in all steps. Payments are sent and received immediately. It provides greater accessibility and convenience to users. They can be accessed and managed through user-friendly mobile applications or online platforms, enabling individuals to initiate and track transactions anytime and anywhere.

How Its work?

Sign in to Gennie Pay by entering the necessary credentials. Through the GDS merchant can transfer payment to single receiver or multiple receivers by payment modes like IMPS, NEFT, RTGS or UPI. To execute GDS Merchant is to mention the email id or phone number of beneficiary. To do payment, merchant should add funds to the Gennie Pay Account.