Smart Junior

A technologically advanced wristband equipped with wireless communication and near-field communication (NFC) capabilities, enabling users to initiate transactions and conveniently pay for goods and services by simply tapping their band against a compatible payment terminal.


The smart band allows parents or guardians to recharge or add funds to the band remotely.The smart band employs advanced security measures, such as encryption and tokenization, to protect the financial transactions made by children. It ensures that their personal and payment information remains secure during purchases.

How It's Works

The parent or guardian links their bank account or preferred payment method to a mobile app or an online platform associated with the smart band, the child's smart band account is updated with the recharged amount, then the child taps or scans the smart band against the payment terminal, similar to contactless card transactions. Once the payment is authorized, the payment terminal displays a confirmation message, indicating that the transaction was successful. The parent can access the mobile app or online platform to monitor the child's transaction history, set spending limits.